To book in your delivery please contact:

Mobile           07956 01 01 01  

Land line       0208 391 8874 



Please ensure you have the following information:

  1. Company Name to whom you are delivering

  2. PO Number

  3. Number of Pallets

  4. Number of Parcels

  5. Preferred Delivery Date and Time


When delivering pallets, please ensure:

  1. The use of UK Standard 4 way pallets or Euro Pallets

  2. A label is applied, with pallet numbering with each label indicating total size of consignment (i.e. pallet 2 of 4), and PO number

  3. Pallets are not damaged

  4. Pallets and contents are shrink wrapped and goods are within the confines of the pallet used

  5. Goods are not mixed on a pallet (where small quantities are being supplied, mixed pallets will be accepted if goods are separated by placing in boxes or separated via slip sheet/cardboard; boxes should not contain more than one product)

  6. A packing list is attached (for mixed pallets, where boxes other than manufacturer shippers have been used, box numbering, and content will be required – Manufacturer part shippers, should be marked as such)


  • When delivering parcels ensure that there is only one product per parcel. 

  • For orders of smaller quantities, these may be mixed, however, should be packed in a manner so as to ensure segregation. 

  • Packing should be such as to ensure maintained segregation during transit. 

  • Mixed parcels should be marked as such, and parcels containing more than three products will require a packing list attached.

  • Failure to meet these requirements may result in refusal of your delivery.